Passport fees

Government Passport website

Government information on passport applications

Passport form online - (Probably best avoided)

Request an application form - (Probably easier to go to a post office)

Apply for refund of premium service fee (if they "fail to meet the service guarantee")

24-hour Passport Advice line (for appointments and everything) 0870 521 0410


passport approval
Welcome to GB Passport! This site aims to help you to navigate through the maze which is getting a new passport. Passport applications are complicated and it is difficult to get a passport at short notice. Hopefully some of this information will help you! Please remember that this information is meant only as a guide and that for definitive up to date information the government site should be used. If you have had success or problems getting a passport please email admin at gbpassport dot com. Please also email if you have any other information which would be useful to people. Thanks, J.

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