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Are you going abroad and in need of a new passport? Well, you've come to right place!

Two weeks ago I attempted to go on holiday. I packed, arranged everything and turned up at the airport with plenty of time to spare (a first). Unfortunately, my passport was somewhat out of shape and they wouldn't let me leave the country! This was a little disappointing to say the least.

Not satisfied with giving in to another week in rainy England I set off to get a new passport and escape. I found the government passport applications website, whilst full of information, difficult to navigate and not particularly helpful! The passport application phone line was equally unhelpful - I was told that I could pay for their "premium one day service" and would be able to get a new passport in about a week (they were fully booked until then). This seemed a little daft.

I managed get a passport application through and get to Spain two days later and worked out a couple of things on the way. The government website somehow seems to avoid telling you that you can simply turn up to a passport office and queue, and also neglects to even tell you where they are (I couldn't find it anyway).

Long story short, I've decided to spread the word and gather useful information on applying for a passport renewal here to help people like me who tend to do things spur of the moment or have found things didn't turn out as planned.


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Welcome to GB Passport! This site aims to help you to navigate through the maze which is getting a new passport. Passport applications are complicated and it is difficult to get a passport at short notice. Hopefully some of this information will help you! Please remember that this information is meant only as a guide and that for definitive up to date information the government site should be used. If you have had success or problems getting a passport please email admin at gbpassport dot com. Please also email if you have any other information which would be useful to people. Thanks, J.

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